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    Our Clubs

    According to evinced interest of child, the students are allowed to choose their favorite club.

    These clubs make children to gain self-confidence build respect, learn team work, relieve stress, avoid risky behavior and learn real-world skills. As per CBSE instructions and School curriculum,

    Social Science Club

    The Social club has been introduced to bring out social responsible skills and useful members are allowed to talk present day issues and able to bring out solution. The activities focus on Fraternity, Patriotism, Discipline, Understand the historical culture. By these we emphasize and elicit the values, Social Harmony, Brotherhood and Humanity.

    Eco Club

    “Green is not something you can buy. GREEN is a way of life treasure
    Everything think perm culturally live sustainably in all ways make it, grow it, and build it Yourself.
    Do all you can with what you have.”

    As the above quote says that we are not offered to however we are able to protect and preserve the left green. In SADASHIVA ECO CLUB empowered students to participate and take up meaningful environment activities and projects.

    It is a team which influences and engages parents and neighborhood communities to promote sound environmental behavior.

    Literary Club

    The Literary club is a place where students can mingle each other to read and write innovatively. It aims to foster a love for language enhance literary

    Creativity and provide a platform for self expressions beyond the school curriculum.

    “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”.

    -Robert Frost

    Club members meet to discuss literary works. They are encouraged to write genres on different subjects.

    Sports Club:

    The young minds now-a-days are to be focused on Education. However Physical activities are neglected. In a busy world pupils are given least importance to the physical work. But through the development of healthy physical activities are not only supporting healthy bodies but are also likely to show improved performed in school. With a view of this SADASHIVA took initiatively to create sports club. The enthusiasts gather in a place and held with discussions on different kind of sports and games, ensuring completing. They are well turned under mentors.